Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Candy Houses With the Goodmans

The Monday before Christmas we were able to meet up with one of Ross's sisters, and one of his brothers to make candy houses as an FHE activity. It was a lot of fun, and I am surprised at how unchaotic it was with 11 children and 6 adults all crammed into Jim and Melissa's house. Clay and Stephanie were in Utah to spend the holiday with Stephanie's family. It was really good to see them.

Unfortunately, my camera died after taking this one shot of Jim playing with Jack. Oh well. Clay and Stephanie brought pizza, and after dinner we got to work on our masterpieces. We didn't really have the right frosting, so nothing terribly extravagant was created, but it was fun to see all the ideas the different kids had.

Just as we were leaving, Jim and Melissa gave us our present of a tin of popcorn and a fresh pineapple. Awesome!

Clay and Stephanie also had us open our gifts from them. They got each family a copy of Skippy Jon Jones, and had Ross read it in his very dignified Chicano accent. So funny. What a fun book!

They had also prepared a little box for each cousin with a wind-up mouse toy and a little bag of jelly-beans. Mice and Beans. Skippito's favorite!

It was an enjoyable evening. I am glad we were able to get together with them all for the holidays. We don't get to see his family nearly often enough!

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