Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Twos

I had a couple of requests for the cinnamon roll recipe. It is here enjoy!

So. . . I lied. I didn't put any pictures on. I would apologize except for the fact that some awesome things came to me from some strangers who happened across this little site and read that little post. Call or e-mail to hear the whole story. :)

Anyway- Friday is coming. Friday is the fifth. Friday is the day Sara turns 2. TWO!! My little girl is turning two years old. I may or may not be in a little bit of a shock about this. Here are the past two birthday posts for our Beatiful Princess.

And here are some fun little tidbits about our cute little Bear.
  • I wouldn't say that Sara has entered the Terrible Twos yet. She is still very sweet and affectionate, but she is definitely doing a few things that drive us crazy. The worst of these is her penchant for crawling in bed with us. She is sneaky about it, too! We snuggle her to sleep, stick her in her bed, and then wake up every morning to find that at some point, she found her way back to the bed. At that point we sometimes put her back in her bed, but mostly we just let it slide as we are both too lazy to get up.
  • Sara has decided that she is done with nursery. This is a bit frustrating, and more than a little surprising because from the very first day, she went in without a hitch. Some time around December, however, that all stopped. She bumped her head in nursery and was crying, so they brought her in to me in the Primary room. Since then she has never gone back. She likes to sit with me and look at her books, and she LOVES seeing Emma on the front row during the first hour, and Daddy during the second hour. I honestly don't think she will ever go back.
  • She still uses bottles. Sippy cups are lame to her. It either has to be a straw, or a bottle. No substitutes. The doctor isn't worried about it as her teeth look awesome. He says she will grow out of it.
  • Sara loves her sister. She follows Emma everywhere and gets so excited to play with her! They are such good friends, and it makes me so happy. They get into little spats as all small children will, but they are generally short lived. They really miss each other when they are apart. Every day they stay in their playroom and just play for hours giggling and running around. Seriously cute!
  • Sara has a stubborn little cowlick right in the front of her hairline. I blame her father since he has an identical one. The thing is, on Ross- it is hot! On a baby as sweet as Sara, it is cute! On an older girl. . . we will have to see.
  • As is common for children her age- she loves little babies and enjoys pointing out all the people smaller than her everywhere we go. "Mommy, Baby!!" is pretty much ALL I hear during Sacrament meeting anymore. . . We hope that this love for babies will continue when Jack comes onto the scene.
  • Sara is still a snuggle bug. Her life is not complete without hugs and snuggles of all kind. She gives the tightest, sweetest little hugs, and whenever we watch a movie, read a story, or even just sit in one place for more than a few minutes, she finds her way into someone's lap- and usually brings a blanket along to complete the snuggling experience. She also gets really jealous if Ross and I try to snuggle without involving her.
  • Sara likes the whole family to be together. When Daddy is at work, she asks for him all day, and does a little happy dance when she hears the beloved sound of the garage door opening. Ross says she does the same when I go to meetings. It seems she is never fully satisfied unless we are all together.
  • Books are some of Sara's favorite things. She loves to have me read to her. She LOVES to have Emma pretend to read to her. She even loves to just sit and flip through pages by herself. Our diaper bag is super heavy because we always have to be well-stocked with books.
  • Sara does NOT like to be clothed if she can help it. Seriously. It is a constant battle. Don't be surprised if you stop by and she is running around in her birthday suit.
  • She is so close to being potty trained, it drives me crazy. It just has to be on her terms. That is how it has been from the beginning. She knows what to do and has gone full days with total success a number of times. If she doesn't feel like it, though, there is no talking her into it. I just ask her at the beginning of the day now if she wants panties or a diaper. today was half and half. She started out in a diaper, and then took off her own wet diaper at some point and put on a pair of panties that were FAR too big for her (ok, ok, ok- they were mine. . .) I just make sure she knows where her little potty is and let her make the call.
  • Sara LOVES fruits and veggies. Don't get me wrong- she likes candy too, and begs for it on a regular basis- but she has the funniest little happy dance whenever I start peeling an orange or a banana. She loves apples and carrots as well. It is really cute, and it makes it very easy for me to make sure she gets all the nutrients she needs.

OK- Ross says that is enough. I could keep going, though! She is wonderful and we just love her to pieces. There will be a huge post of pictures of her on her birthday, and maybe a few of her mom bawling her eyes out (she is turning 2!!!). I love you, Sara Bear!

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