Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sara Bear's Birthday Cont.

Here are the rest of the pictures from Sara's birthday. For those of you who find endless streams of pictures boring- this is not for you. For those of you who adore endless streams of cuteness and are willing to endure my commentary- this is the post for you! :)

This one is out of order- but I love it anyway, and it adds a sense of foreshadowing to the ensuing adorableness that are these pictures! After enjoying a lovely homecooked meal (or. . . A bucket of KFC chicken. . .) Sara got her cake, which she was thrilled with because it had cookies on top of it!
Then came the important part- the presents!
She was bored with that bag of clothes until she found the burried treasure at the bottom!
Emma was a really big 'help'. The poor thing just really wanted it to be her birthday- but she tried to stay supportive.
My sisters all chipped in to get this AMAZING box of dress-up clothes. It is wonderful! Honestly! It is very, very cool! I am so super impressed, and better than that- the girls LOVE it! It has all kinds of dresses, hats, and props for them to imagine till their energy is gone- AKA FOREVER!!!
This is the telescope that came with the pirate set. I still need to fix it.
Maybe, sometimes Mommy likes to play along too. . . maybe. . .
Heather got these swords for them which worried me until I heard her explaining to them that little girls use swords to tickle with. They listened. Heather is a genius!
Emma has pretty good form, I think!
Sara has a good coach, so she will be just as good as Emma in no time!
Cute little Tinkerbell! I LOVE it!
Grandma got them the Aristocats which is playing in the background. I used to have to watch that movie EVERY FREAKIN' DAY when Dana was little. That and 101 Dalmations were so burned into my memory that I hated ANY mention of ANY part of them for years. After seeing it for the first time in a while, I realized why Dana liked it so much. It's pretty cute, and the girls love it. Good call, Grandma!
The love-child of Tink and Hook.
My sisters ran them around enough to make them drop completely asleep the minute we strapped them into the car. They had a lovely day, and while I still can't believe my little Bear is two years old, I am so grateful to have her in our little family!! Thanks to everyone who made her day so fun and special!

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