Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Happy Birthday Sara Belle!

We had a great day on Friday! I had such a good time with my girls. We tried to make Sara's introduction to her third year as special as possible while still keeping costs down!

As most good days do, it started with sleeping in! Woot! I love me a good late morning start. When the girls were both up and awake, I threw them in the tub and made it special by allowing extra toys and a crazy amount of bubbles.

This little girl LOVES her bathtime. They both do, but Sara especially enjoys it. They usually get 2 baths a day- one when they wake up and a second just before bedtime. They will splash around and chat with each other for over an hour, and I LOVE having that time to get things done. It's like most mother's nap times I think (since my girls don't care to waste time napping. . .)
Because they bathe so often, I rarely include bubbles anymore. It just got to be a little expensive. That is what made this sudsy explosion so exciting.
They also got to play in Mommy's big 'Pool Tub' instead of their own 'Too Little Tub'. Admittedly, this is a luxury they get more often than they should as I can actually see my tub while typing on my bed- so it makes me feel better about letting them hang out in there without me right there with them.
After they were sufficiently pruned and lotioned, Sara and Emma got to see their new dresses, and we all got manicures!
When I was in Junior High I had a slight obsession with nail polish. I ammassed a HUGE collection of every color imaginable (as long as it was available at the dollar store). I no longer paint my nails very often- except for my toes which Ross has requested stay a sultry shade of red.
I have considered many times giving away my box of ancient polish to a good cause (AKA Junior High girls) but can never quite bring myself to do so.
Now that I have two very girly little girls, I feel a little bit validated in keeping it. They love when I paint their nails. I don't do it often enough. Emma made sure I got some as well. Emma chose a pearly purple, Sara chose a light blue to match her new dress, and I selected some pink sparkles.

Now that we were all glamored up, it was time to do what all refined ladies do, and lunch with a girlfriend. My Emily friend met us for lunch and we had a grand ole time! When Emma got bored, I let her play with my camera so I could try and extend my rare and lovely time with Emily. Some of them were really cute- like this one.
I took this one. I like it.
Emma took this one. and this one. Aside from my double chin, I love that she captured a fun moment.
Those cheeks!
Thanks for taking the time to come and play with me, Emily Dear! I know you could have spent that time napping or homeworking, or other important and productive things.
After lunch, we to my mom's house where Sara got another grand and unexpected suprise- Dana was there! She didn't have school that day, and the girls could not have been more thrilled. Dana immediately recruited their help in washing the dishes- which they LOVED.
Happy Birthday Sara- you missed a spot. . . :)
After the dishes were completed, Caulene came home, and the chasing games began which meant hard-to-photograph-cuteness ensued.
My sisters are so great!
Their nieces just adore them, and I don't blame them one bit!!

See how Caulene didn't even have time to take off her work tag before she was thrown into this game? That is a sign of an awesome aunt!
There are more pictures- lots of them (and the other awesome Aunt Heather appears in some of those- don't feel left out!).

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Sarah Schroeder said...

They look so beautiful in their new dresses. Looks like a lot of fun.