Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Emma has said and done a lot of cute things lately. I figure now, a few days before her 4th birthday, (can it really be?!) would be a good time to share them.

Emma has a very good self esteem. She has a very enthusiastic response to any compliment she gets.
Me: Emma, you are so smart!
Emma: I am so smart.

Me: You are such a sweet girl today!
Emma: I know- I am a sweet girl.

Me: Oh, you look beautiful today.
Emma: Thank you- I am beautiful today.

You get the idea. . .

The other day Emma and Sara were in the tub when I heard the following:
"Dear Hemnly Father, Thank you for this day. Please bless- hey! Close your eyes! Please bless that Sara will get all clean and watch over us and please let the bubbles come back. Name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

Along the prayer theme- this was something I heard while Sara and Emma were playing pretend with some stuffed animals:
"OK Monkeys- its time for the food prayer. Dear Hemnly Father. oooh ooh, ah ah ah banana ooh ooh. Name of Jesus Christ, Amen"

The other day, Daddy brought home some discounted Valentine's chocolate for me. When Emma saw Daddy eating some of the pieces, she went in to him and said very solemnly, "Daddy, we need to have a talk." I didn't hear the rest of the lecture, but it was pretty darn cute.

Emma is so excited for her birthday. Every day she wakes up and says, "Is it my birthday yet?" She takes the negative answers fairly well. Any time we make cookies or cake or other goodies she asks if we are making them for her birthday. I can't wait until it really is her birthday and the cupcakes we make will really be for her. She will be so excited!!

Emma has loved reading the Book of Mormon with us. Sometimes it is hard to explain what we are reading about, but she still loves it. Whenever she gets in her PJ's she gets all excited to hear about what Nephi is doing.

Emma is very specific about her favorite things to eat. Generally, she is a good eater, but she has her favorites that I stay stocked up on because she loves them, they are fairly healthy, and most importantly for my giant lazy bum- they are easy. Almost every morning she has Cap'n Crunch and chocolate milk with an orange. She has to have that combination. She knows that when I get her breakfast I will get her all of that- but when I ask her if she is ready for breakfast she always says, "Yes- I want cereal and chocolate milk and an orange." The worst is when I ask if she is ready for her cereal and she responds with a frantic, "No! I need cereal and chocolate milk and an orange." The same goes for her favorite lunch. If I am making her chicken nuggets, I have to phrase it as chicken nuggets and ketchup. If not, I get corrected and she seems awfully worried that I might leave out one of the most important elements of her lunch. She likes her, "Chicken nuggets and ketchup."

On Sara's birthday when I was getting the girls ready to go and lunch with my friend Emily, this conversation happened:
Me: Emma, can we go have lunch with Emily before we go to Grandma's house?
Emma: Oh- would she be sad if I didn't see her?
Me: Yes, I think she would.
Emma: She really misses me, huh!
Me: Yes- she loves to see you.
Emma: Well, I don't want Emily to be sad. I guess we should go and give her a hug.

We moved the tv and got some rabbit ears so that we could get TV reception for the Olympics and for the next season of So You Think You Can Dance. We also get a few other channels with PBS there in the mix. This means that instead of a movie, Emma can choose to watch 2 shows on TV. Her favorite show is Word Girl. I think it is kind of dumb, but it always introduces a new word to enhance kids' vocabularies. She now regularly uses words like 'awe', 'tremendous', and 'generous'. That is cuteness, and I like that she retains some of those words. Any time World Girl has to fly away, she always points her hand in the air hero style and shouts, "Word Up!", and then flies off. Emma does this all day now. Any time I ask her to go get something or whenever she has to run to the bathroom she mimics Word Girl and gives a rousing, "Word Up!" before flying off. It gets annoying sometimes, but overall it is pretty cute. I suppose there are worse things for her to want to be aside from a super hero whose main powers are flight and an extensive vocabulary. :)

I am sure there are more- they just aren't coming to me right now. I will have to add to this later when I can have Ross help jog my memory. I love my little Roo, and I can't believe how smart she is getting. She is so funny and sweet, and she is a tremendous help to me most of the time. . .


Carrie said...

Word Girl is awesome.

Sophia & Cameron said...

I think my favorite was the monkey prayer. I love kisisms & your little ones have cute ones. When is her birthday again? Cameron's is coming up next week and I am constantly getting birthday questions and requests too.