Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Dinosaur Museum

We had a fun weekend up in Vernal and Roosevelt. My cousin Spencer, the oldest boy cousin on my side of the family, celebrated his 19th birthday and had his mission farewell on Sunday. We went up to support him and hear his talk. I will post some pictures of our time with the Roosevelt Wallaces after my Aunt Carrie posts them all so I can steal them. . .
We decided to stay in a hotel in Vernal for the weekend so we could take advantage of Ross's day off for President's Day and made a little mini-vacation out of it.

On Monday, before heading back to my mom's house for Dana's birthday party, we wanted to take the girls to Dinosaur Land in Vernal. It is an amazng dinosaur museum where one whole side of the facility is an actual mountain side where archaeologists are still digging out fossils. It is very cool. I haven't been there in YEARS (like 12 or so!), but I remembered loving it. I have heard that it has only gotten better over the years. Unfortunately, it was closed on Monday for maintenance and upgrades. Lame :(

Fortunately, Vernal is famous enough for dinosaurs that there were lots of other little dinosaur museums for us to choose from. The girls had a good time, and even I learned something new. I only got a few pictures before my camera battery died. Lame again. :( When I saw the battery was dying, I hurried and grabbed one of these shots!


Anonymous said...

My word! I love all the blogging that is happening at the Goodman home today! I love hearing about your little mini-trips you guys go on. I want to be exactly like you someday. Seriously I do.

Anonymous said...

Oh, side note. I have tried to take kissy pictures of Steve and I. It just does not work! We may be horrible kissers! What is your secret?