Thursday, January 28, 2010


I am posting these to appease the poor souls who are bugged by the abundance of text-based posts as of late. Apparently, there are a number of people who get offended when checking MY blog and MY updates, and are forced to read MY silly ideas and opinons instead of seeing pictures of MY girls. I find that a little rude, honestly- but since I aim to please- here are the recent unposted pictures from my camera.

This is what Ross and I woke up to one Saturday. Emma was THRILLED to see that Daddy had not gone to work. The other night when Ross came home, I had endured a VERY long day of whining, headaches, some vomitting (me), and recurring messes (them!). I BEGGED Ross to take the girls for an hour so I could take a shower without an audience, finish up a lesson plan, and re-group a little bit. This is what I found when I came downstairs about 45 minutes later. Yes, Ross is TOTALLY passed out. Poor guy is on some new meds, and they take it out of him at night.
They had pushed the couch and loveseat together to make a big bed-like structure and were watching Enchanted on Ross's laptop. Too cute! He is such a good daddy! I am blessed!

These last two are from Emma. I love them. And her. And the cat. Seriously- my life is pretty top notch!

I do apologize that those are the only ones I have. I have been slacking with pictures lately. I will try and do better. In fact, I promise a good juicy kissing picture by the end of the night! :)


Michelle said...

You are super funny, love you :)

Southern Spud said...


So, I'm finally getting caught up on your blog (despite the fact it's nearly 1 a.m.). Congrats on #3! I'm so eager to hear if you're having a girl or a boy!