Friday, January 22, 2010

Boy, Boy Boy- Very Tall Boy!

We found out on Wednesday that the little parasite I am gestating is of the male variety! We are THRILLED! Seriously, we are so excited. Ross has not stopped smiling since. It was a very happy moment for us. The ultrasound technition asked us if we were hoping for anything specific. We replied, as any good parents would, that we would be happy with either gender, but were kind of hoping for a boy. She put the wand on my belly and said right away- "Well, there's your boy!" We thought she was kidding. She assured us she was serious, and one look at the screen affirmed it for us. There was our little man showing off his manhood for all to see! Also- he is very tall already. His legs are very long!

Ross wanted me to post a picture, but for some reason, I feel a bit trepidatious about posting pictures of my baby's junk for all to see. Just know that it is there, and we are happy to be able to call the baby by a real name now. Yes- we are the kind of parents who had names picked out literally YEARS before we even got pregnant. That's how we roll. We have a lot (seriously- A LOT) of friends who prefer to wait until birth to know the gender, and even hold off on THINKING about names until they meet their little critter. I have nothing against that, and I can actually see why that would be kind of fun. I, however, get a very personal connection and bond when I know the gender and the name of my child. It makes things more real in a weird way, and allows me to actually imagine the face and personality. I had a dream about Emma shortly after knowing she would be Emma and not Ben. That dream is so her it would scare me if I weren't strong in my testimony of personal revelation. I have loved referring to the little kicker in there as Jack instead of baby, it, or that little bugger.

After leaving the doctor's office, we called my dad at work because we knew he would be the most excited of all our family. He has 4 daughters and two granddaughters. Heck- even all the animals at the house have been female since Murphy the cat died in 1996! We knew he would be the most thrilled about having a little boy to take hunting! We tried calling my mom next, but her phone doesn't work while she is at school. My next call was to my best friend, Carrie. This bothered Ross because he thought his parents should know before my friends did. He quickly called his dad not listening to my warnings that he would surely be a buzz-kill. They are already swarming with grandsons out there- one more isn't too exciting. He laughed and said I was right since the reaction was literally 'Well, I guess you have to even your family out, but we have plenty of those around here.' Oh well- it didn't matter to us- nothing was getting us down.

We took the girls to the mall playground (the only indoor one not affixed to a fast food place) and let them play around while we smiled, kissed, and laughed at each other. We are so so so happy!! I am grateful Ross took the day off of work to be there with me. It was a very special moment, and I am glad we shared it together. Jack (Thomas or Hinckley- Ross and I are battling it out!) Goodman will make his debut probably on June 1st.


Holly E. said...

Congrats!!!! I was thrilled to find out we were having a boy after 2 girls too. I love the name too! Boys are sooooo sweet!
I'm happy for you!

emi-jo said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :D how exciting!!! I'm so happy for you guys!!

Carrie Gross said...

I truly love this story. And I am so glad I finally got to see you last night. You are the cutest pregnant lady! Love you, and little Jack, he's going to be awesome.

Ashley Welling said...

Congrats on a boy! I would love to have all boys!

Mindy said...

Congrats!!! Super excited for you!

Carrie said...

Very excited...I can just imagine your dad! I had almost the SAME EXACT THING happen as Jessica was the only one I'd ever had an ultrasound with and the only one we knew the gender of in advance.