Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Christmas Pictures

Ross said he was in danger of being disowned if I didn't get up some Christmas morning pictures.

The big haul! I got Ross some new cologne.
It was nice!
Grandpa Jones got these fun blankets for the girls. They loved them. Santa brought a Barbie for Emma. She was thrilled. I was not. . . Grandma Goodman sent these teddy bears. They both sleep with them every night now.
Sara got a baby doll from Sara. She LOVED it. So did I.

This is the lovely nativity Ross got me. I love it. My dad got Ross Band of Brothers. He was thrilled. This is something I would never have gotten him, and he is so excited to make me work on my laptop next to him while he watches it.
This was under the tree Christmas morning. . .
. . . and had this inside it. They brought back Secret Crush! Yay!!
Heather got Ross a blanket that says Super Man. It is very soft and very warm and doubles well as a crime fighting cape.
Heather got me one of my favorite Christmas books. Heather done good this year!
The Little People sets from Santa AKA our home teacher.
Heather also got me 2 flirty aprons. I put them on my wish list never thinking I would get one- much less two. I LOVE them! Seriously- Heather did good!
My dad got the girls some plate and cup sets of their own. This was a HUGE crowd pleaser! With these also came a box of tiny candy canes for each of them. They are so happy about not having to share. . .
Ross and I got the girls both a pretty Christmas time dress. We want this to be a fun tradition for them. New ties for the boys and dresses for the girls.
Heather got the girls some beautiful books- some of them with Disney princesses on them. They LOVE these. She also made them some tutus which are so completely adorable!
The kitty had a good time playing in all the wrapping paper and empty boxes.
Merry Christmas! I love this man. I really truly do!
This is the ham dinner I prepared. Seriously- it was good! Also, notice that Ross and I did not ever change out of the pajamas Grandma Goodman sent.
I forgot about this stroller that came with the doll. So stinkin' cute. This and the doll actually came in a bag that showed up on our doorstep about a week before Christmas. We aren't totally sure where it came from, but this and the Barbie were all perfect and made Christmas just a little bit more special for our girls.
We got these fun puzzles for the girls.
This is my nativity. My mom also got me another addition to my Willow tree set.
Sara slept through the entire dinner.
It was a wonderful Christmas even if I never stepped outside my house.


Anonymous said...

Holy spoiled batman!

I would like you to please amend your final statement to read as follows: "It was a wonderful Christmas because I never stepped outside my house."


emi-jo said...

HAPPINESS!! :D what a fun christmas!! :D i especially love that ross got multi-purpose hero-wear, very important for the modern defender of truth and justice!... ;)