Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Have A Weakness

The truth is, since I have been pregnant, I have not been a huge fan of desserts. In fact- I am generally not a huge glutton for sweets. I like goodies- but only in small quantities- and I don't really love chocoloate ever. The one thing, however, that I can ALWAYS be persuaded to partake of in large quantities are cinnamon rolls. I love me a good, doughy, gooey, frostingy cinnamon roll! They are a HUGE weakness of mine.

This is generally an easy weakness to control since most store bought cinnamon rolls are gross, and the closest Cinnabon is at the airport PAST the security barricade. Homemade is kind of the only way to go for me- and the process to make cinnamon rolls is extensive enough to keep me from indulging every time I have a craving.

Those deterrents were not nearly effective enough on Saturday. I woke up wanting nothing more than a fresh, warm Cinnabon. This may or may not have been spurred on by a text from my friend Jeff that I got an hour too late to take advantage of. He travels a lot for his job, and we have a good system worked out where he buys me Cinnabons at the airport when he comes home. We meet at the McDonalds in Lehi, and I pay him for the goods. He is my Cinnabon trafficking mule. Thanks, Jeff!

So, this option null and void by the time I read the text, I found a recipe for mock Cinnabons and made some. They were good. Really, really, rediculously good! I do not, however, think they would have been nearly as delicious without these adorable little assistants.
Before you praise my domestic abilities, please take note of the laptop and breadmaker. Both were essential. I don't knead or time raising dough. That is way too much to ask of me. I should have taken pictures of the finished product. Oh well. They were delicious! I plan to make more some time later this week and freeze the rolls so I can have some whenever I want. Dear,
You are incredible and I owe you and the rating system on your website a great deal of the credit for my domestic success and ability.
Dear Crockpot,
Don't worry. You are still the most important part of my house-wife aresenal.
Love Eternally,


Heidi B C said...

oh, i so want the recipie!! I've been wanting to try my hand at cinnamon rolls!

Carrie said...

GREAT! Nate and I were planning on making cinnamon rolls tomorrow. I'll have to try it. They are my passion too, tho I mostly never get any. My friend Janet used to make me HUGE ones and bring over like 10 and tell my kids that they get one each and the rest are for me. I sure miss her. Shirlene makes me some every once in a while tho...

Mindy said...

I hate that there is not a Cinnabon closer. Why did the one at the Orem Mall have to leave us? Whenever we visit our family in AZ I always want to go and get one there. I'd love the recipe too. If it's not too much to ask.

Sarah Schroeder said...

I love the girls' little aprons. They are ADORABLE.

Southern Spud said...

Love the assistants---and isn't Allrecipes the best???