Saturday, January 02, 2010

Candy Houses 2009

Ross grew up making candy houses every year- so titled because they never used gingerbread and were covered in candy. After last year's masterpiece with the Bishops, we decided to make this a yearly occasion. We used it for the activity of an FHE early in the month.

It was so funny when we were buying the makings of the houses at the store. We are not huge on candy at our house. I mean, we have it and we eat it, but never in huge amounts. I loved how big their eyes and smiles got bigger and bigger as we loaded up piles of fun stuff in the cart. Marshmallows, M&M's, sweet tarts, mike and ikes, candy canes- it was a dream come true!!

Ross made his own creation while I helped the girls with theirs. This was Sara's- obviously. I piped on some frosting and let her put on the candy that she hadn't already stuffed in her mouth. Emma decided that she did NOT want a candy house- she wanted a candy castle. I tried to accomodate this wish. I think we were both pleased. Also- check out the tree I made. I think it is pretty cool! :)

There was a pretty heart with sparkles on the side, a sleeping princess in the bedroom, and a bright light on the top. She was very creative and specific about what she wanted. It was so fun to see her creative juices flowing.

This is Santa's Barn as envisioned by Ross. It has a launch pad for the sleigh. Very cute!

It was a fun night full of laughter and learning. We also ended up with lots of extra candy, which we are still eating. Good idea, Ross!! :)

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