Sunday, January 03, 2010

Christmas Eve Pictures

Caulene listened to my plea and sent me these gems! I had no idea she had taken so many! They are all out of order though. . .

Aunt Caulene and Emma Dancing!
Aunt Heather and the hat!
Oh- here is the night gown Grandma Goodman made. Is it not the cutest thing ever?!
Checking out the Jammie Elf loot.
We are ALL very happy. Seriously- nice job, Judy!
I'm not sure what my dad is so excited about, but I love his face!
Emma did not want Caulene going anywhere.
I love it! Don't be mad, Mom. I wonder what Emma did to get this reaction. . .
They are telling secrets. . .
Caulene got them playing with a witches hat for some reason. . . I thought it was funny!
We are a very social family. . . I especially like the his and hers mac-books.
Thanks for sending these, Caulene! Now Grandma Goodman can stop harassing Ross about my lack of blogging. . . :)


Anonymous said...

Yay pictures! Your girls have the cutest personalities!
I love that you updated your profile. It makes me smile.

Ashley Welling said...

I love the witch hats! It was like our sudden desire to play pirates. Out of nowhere!