Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thanksgiving- Goodman Style (Kind of Like Gangnam Style, but BETTER!)

 Thanksgiving day was pretty low-key for us. We had spent the previous night at my mom's house, and we knew the big Goodman dinner was coming the next day. The day was spent hanging out watching movies, and then we went to Melissa's house to have some festive pizza and desserts.

Friday was an interesting day. I woke up around 3:00 in the morning to get a turkey in the oven. When the turkey was done, we headed out to Ross's office where he had to work for about 4 hours of overtime. The kids and I napped in the car, played on the Kindles, and talked while we waited.

When Ross was done, we headed up to Bountiful for a big Thanksgiving dinner with the ENTIRE Goodman family. This has never happened before, and it will never happen again, at least not with Jeni. It was wonderful. Busy, noisy, hectic, and absolutely wonderful.

 Judy wanted everyone to have an Oreo turkey by their place setting. It was a fun project to do with the kids while I chatted with Jeni.

 The kids were pretty good at entertaining themselves with coloring, and some of the toys we brought. Cousin time is so special.

 After dinner, Jeni went home to rest, and the girls all gathered to get their tree up and ready to be decorated with their family ornaments for an FHE when Jeni was feeling better.

I really love my family. I am blessed.

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mostlyprobably said...

I'm so angsty for Thanksgiving right now...