Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Festival of Trees 2013

 After visiting Rex and Jeni one Friday, we headed out to the Festival of Trees on our way home. It was a fabulous year.
 This origami crane tree made me think of sweet Madison.

 Jack loved the Super Man tree
 I love me some Little House!
 We ADORED this Narnia tree. It was amazing. Real fans put this together. The base was the cracked stone table, there was a lamp pole, and many ornaments showed that this represented the entire series with things like silver chairs, horses rolling on the ground, and unicorns. So awesome.
 This was made entirely of candy, and had something related to Christmas for every letter of the alphabet.

 This was my favorite tree. It was citrus themed and was called, "You Are My Sunshine". It was totally unique, and I loved the colors. The skirt was an adorable patchwork quilt. So lovely.

 Temple blessings mean more to me now than they ever have before. This tree was beautifully done, and was one of the entries that made me a bit teary.

 Sara loved this gingerbread tree.
 This Finding Nemo display was so well done!
 The girls both loved this Hello Kitty tree, and we sent the pinkness along to Jeni.


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mostlyprobably said...

You're such a good mom! I keep making mental reminders for myself to do all these things this year... but we all know I won't do anything... again. Gah! Take me with you!