Friday, July 25, 2014

Fundraising for Camp Kesem

 Jeni battled breast cancer three times before it finally took her in the end. After her first round, she was very concerned about the stress the situation was putting on her children. She did some research to see if there were any programs that could help them work through some of their fears and emotions. BYU's Camp Kesem was the answer to her prayers. It is an amazing camp that is designed to help children whose parents have or have had cancer.

When the final diagnosis was given, Jeni made a request that in lieu of flowers, people would donate money to Camp Kesem instead.

The kids and I decided to make some items to sell so that we could raise some money for Camp Kesem. These little crafts, and the suckers helped them make about $35 to send to the camp. The people in our area were amazing to help my kids feel like they were making a difference. They just lit up whenever people would purchase their pictures and the candy they had made.
If you would like to help kids get the healing they need while going through the Hell that is having a parent with cancer, then you can go here to do so.

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