Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pink Support for Jeni

I talked a bit about this in the previous cat post, but this effort begun by my sister-in-law Stephanie deserves its own post. Stephanie started a Facebook group where we could post pictures and supportive statements to cheer Jeni on in her battle against breast cancer. I loved seeing the support that came in. It lifted my spirits, which sometimes made me feel a bit selfish since the point was to uplift Jeni. It was also nice to have any small thing to do to add a little cheer to the situation.

I struggle when I have nothing tangible to do to help, and I feel like the admonition to wear and find pink items was my Christmas gift of distraction. Thanks, Stephanie.

Here are a few of the ways we found to throw pink into our everyday activities. It is still something we think about and do to show that we remember Jeni and love her so much.

Pink Bowling Ball
This was my Facebook profile picture for a while.
This pink bunny was found in our basement.
When Emma turned her coat inside out, we found it was like a big, pink polar bear.
Luke found a pink Skee ball machine.
Pink bouncy ball
Fortunately, we have lots of pink shirts in our wardrobes.
See, lots of pink shirts.
Pink blanket for picnics and snuggling.

Pink as also discovered at the Festival of Trees.
Pink juice, and adorable little face!
Pink gloves!
Pink ball. BIG pink ball.
Pink skies. I thought about Jeni every morning when the sky was painted this amazing color.
Pink frosting messes, thanks to Luke. He really wanted his aunt to know how much he loves her.

 My lovely friend and neighbor, Tracy, brought my cinnamon rolls with PINK frosting.
 I dedicated this amazing Pink Llamacorn to Jeni on her birthday!
Pink hat, gloves and scarf for Sara, and pink gloves for Jack.
 Pink lights at the zoo.
My sisters dyed Trouble PINK!
 Pink gloves and a pink sprinkled donut.
Sara was a pink reindeer for her Kindergarten Christmas concert.
PINK lemonade at Pier 49

Sara, who always gets licorice ice cream when we go to the ice cream shop, chose bubblegum this time so she could send a picture to Aunt Jeni.
 My parents wrapped all of our presents in pink paper.
Dana gave Ross a pink tie for Christmas.
 Emma's very pink and very sparkly shoes.
Jack went to a birthday party where the kids all decorated donuts. Jack did his in pink.
My friend Gayle made me this PINK spider for our ornament and white elephant gift exchange. Also, I have pink tips on my nails. 
We made sure to get a picture in front of the PINK trees by the Assembly Hall when we went to see the lights on Temple Square.
Judy sent me this pink ribbon scarf for Christmas. I had to get some advice from Lucy on how to wear it. I love it.
My friend Katie made me these lovely PINK rose earrings.

We were trying to battle germs and breast cancer at the same time.

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mostlyprobably said...

This post got me all teary. I love that you did this. Families are cool.