Thursday, October 11, 2012

The End of the Trip

Ross reminded me that I forgot to mention that while we were at the beach, Emma and Sara spent a good portion of their time collecting rocks on the beach for Grandpa Jones.  My dad has this habit of collecting rocks for his yard from everywhere he goes.  His trunk is almost always full of pretty rocks for him to add to his landscaping, and I am pretty sure that 80% of the drives he takes out here to visit us have more to do with the rocks that are readily available than any of the people.  Ross wasn't exactly thrilled to load up 40 pounds of rock from the beach all the way to the car, but it made me smile that my girls would think of that.  My dad was very impressed with the haul.

After dinner, we went to Wal-Mart to get some treats for the drive the next morning, and to get some aloe for Ross's burn.  We played in the hotel pool for a bit, and then had a movie night in our room.  We grabbed Hop from the Redbox at Wal-Mart which Ross and I thought we would sleep through as we had no interest in it.  Turns out it's pretty cute and we laughed right along with the kids.

The next morning we packed up early and headed out.  The kids were great and slept a lot.  We played a couple of movies, played some games, and gave them books to look at.  We stopped a few times to change and feed Luke, but it really was a fairly uneventful trip.  I drove a lot because Ross was very uncomfortable from his sunburn, and he hadn't got a lot of sleep the night before.
 We stopped in St. George for a couple of hours to see my grandparents there.  It was a good way to break up the drive and to relax with some of my favorite people.
 Grandma pulled out some paper and some stickers, and the kids were more than content!  This is Jack's armor.  See, stickers can be manly...

My grandpa took some pictures of us while we were there, so hopefully he will send them to me at some point.  (hint... hint...)

We grabbed a quick dinner and then hit the road again.  While the kids were content on this trip, Ross and I listened to the first book and a half of the Fablehaven series, and that was a lot of fun.  Ross has read them before and was excited to be the one to introduce me to a good book for once. 

We stopped in Orem for a bit to get our puppy from my parents' house and then headed home sweet home.  It was such a fun trip, and I am so grateful we were able to do it.  I am especially grateful that Luke is such a sweet and patient baby.  We didn't want to wait until he was older because that isn't fair to the older kids, so I am glad he made it so easy to drag him along.  I love my little family!

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