Monday, October 22, 2012


 We spent the Sunday sessions of conference down in Orem.  The morning was spent with my parents, the afternoon with my grandparents and cousins.  We enjoyed stealing Jessica's computer and pretending to be Tanner while chatting with Brooke so we could extricate important information like how good of a kisser Spencer is.  Heather was the mastermind behind it.

 For those who refused to believe he is scooting and rolling like a crazy baby.  People should just believe me by now.  My kids all do this stuff super early.

 He also has a good grip.  Yes, there was a need for a wardrobe change.  Stinky boy!  The funny thing about this picture is that I couldn't get the camera to take the picture fast enough before Luke let go, so Caulene moved him in and helped him get another handful.  I  love my sisters.
 While everyone was inside playing and eating, Jack was tidying up outside.  What a good helper. :)

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