Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Miss Corky's Class Pictures

 One of the moms from Miss Corky's class is an amateur photographer, and she offered to come and take some pictures of the students in this cute class one day.  She gave me a disc with these pictures on it, and I love them.

I really do love and respect Corrinne and I am so grateful for everything she is doing for Sara.  Sara has a special bond with her, and it makes my heart happy. 

 Part of me wishes she had waited a couple of weeks to take these pictures because 4 more students have joined the class since then, but I love these small group photos. Sara has a crush on the boy in the stripes. We highly approve of the match! :)

 We knew she was getting pictures this day, and she spent a lot of time picking out this out and fixing her hair.

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Jenn said...

amateur? amateur? really Amanda. I like to think I am a professional :P I do have several years of experience behind me;) don't worry I did a reshoot for the 4 new students when I found out hehe.

Jenn Slagowski