Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Carlsbad Beach

 We spent a whole day at the beach.  It was almost enough for me.  I love the beach!
 Our last camera died after we got sand on it at the beach in Northern California, so we decided to keep the camera in the car and just use the camera on our phone.   I kind of wish I hadn't.  Oh well.
 Luke getting his first touch of the ocean.

 There was a big group of old surfer guys there holding free lessons for high school kids who wanted to learn.  There was a news camera there and everything.  It was fun to watch them all.

 Our friends let us borrow this boogie board, and it was crazy fun!  I forgot to take off my sunglasses before trying it out, though, so I hope a crab somewhere is putting them to good use.

Jack got sand all over him.  ALL over.  He didn't seem to mind though.  I tried to keep his sandyness away from me by telling him he could keep a seagull if he caught one.  That was entertaining to say the least!

 Ross rocked that boogie board.  We actually learned a lot from listening to the surfing lessons going on.

I tried to get the kids to ride the boogie board as well.  Emma did it pretty well a couple of times, but they really just wanted to play in the sand in the shallow wave area.

 Miss Sara!

 OK, so for this trip I brought a GIANT tub of spf 50 sunscreen because Ross and I are as white as they come.  It worked great for both days at Lego Land and nobody had more than a little sun kissed look despite our long hours in the sun.  While packing up to leave for the beach, Ross could NOT find our sunscreen anywhere.  He swears he looked all over.  We headed to the car to see if it was in there, but to no avail.  I knew it was in the hotel room somewhere.  Ross went back up to find it while I loaded everyone up in the car.  He couldn't find it and thought it had been left at Lego Land somewhere, so he bought some crazy spray sunscreen from the lobby for a gazillion dollars.  It worked really well, as you can see...

When we got back from the beach, I picked up a towel on the floor, and there was our handy dandy white person friendly spf 50.  I KNEW I should have been the one to go look for it.  Ross wanted to cry.  Then maybe he did a little.  He was scorched, poor guy.  I kept the kids sprayed pretty well, and they didn't do the boogie board as much so they stayed protected pretty well.  My shoulders got pretty crispy, but my swim suit covers my entire back, so I was good.  Ross, however, did not fare as well.  In fact, we could have lowered those shorts a couple of inches to show the full extend of the burn if this wasn't a family friendly blog.  :)

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