Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Spook Alley at the Scotts

Saturday was so busy.  It was one of those days where we had the whole day packed full and scheduled and we didn't even get a chance to breathe despite cutting out a few things.  We started the morning early by dropping the kids off and trying out our recently renewed temple recommends. While we were at the temple, my mom took our kids to her ward's Halloween carnival.  They had a great time, and would not stop talking about it.  

After that, we headed up to Daybreak to celebrate Jim's birthday.  There was food and family and fun. I like getting together with them all so often now.  I love seeing the relationships between the cousins grow.

After that we went shopping for silly things like milk and bread.  It had been a while.  Days just seem to not have as many hours as they used to.  Also, shopping is boring and kind of hard with 4 kids.

After that we got ready and headed over the to the Scott's house for a fun neighborhood party.

We have some fun ladies in our ward who live farther away from their grandchildren than they would like.  This works out well for us as they like to spoil our kids to get their grandparenting needs met.  They created a fun and kid-friendly spook alley for all the kids in the ward, and it was awesome.
 The balloons were dropped from a balcony and had candy inside them.
 There were games all over the house and food in the kitchen.  The missionaries live at this house, and they were so cute to help out with some of the games.  The kids loved that.
 There is sweet Karen.  She is the mastermind behind all of this, and one of the most Christ-like women I have ever met.  I like her lots.

We thought about running down to my grandma's house after this for pumpkin carving, but 3/4 of the kids were asleep almost the instant we pulled out of the Scott's driveway, and the other one just really wanted some milky-dinner.  We had run them ragged.  Instead, we headed home and watched a movie while I typed furiously to reach a deadline for work.  I made it.  With time to spare.  I am awesome.  Feel free to tell me that any time you want.

It was a fun day, but I am hoping this next weekend will be a little more laid back.  This mama is getting awfully tired.

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