Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tender Mercies: Awesome Friends Edition

 So I have had some down moments lately.  My friends noticed and did this for me one night.  The kids were so excited about it.  I will never be able to adequately express how much I love them.  This was so tailored to me right down to the freshly baked cinnamon rolls that accompanied all that construction paper.
 These are the three who did the actual heart attack, but there were 4 others involved in the planning who couldn't make it that night.  I know this looks like something Beehives would do, and it is, but that isn't the point.  They just know me and love me, and they knew that the best way to cheer me up would not be with a sit down confrontation or something serious.  It was to do something fun and silly with little touches of meaning.
 Here are the touches of meaning.  Most of the hearts had something nice about me written on them.  These are just some of them.  There are some inside jokes thrown in there as well.
Many people (usually after driving out here for the first time) have asked us why we chose to live so far out in the middle of nowhere.  In answer to such queries: this.  This is why.  The Lord sent us here for a reason, and these ladies are a big part of that reason, I am sure of it!  The neighborhood here is so amazing.  I have never lived anywhere (and I have lived in A LOT of different places over the years) where I have felt so loved, appreciated, and needed.  We won't be here forever, in fact we didn't expect to be here this long, but no matter where we go, I will never forget the friendships I have made here and the lessons I have learned here.

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Southern Spud said...

Aw, that IS so sweet! What great friends you have, Amanda!!! Loves from NC!