Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Break Fun

Since we weren't planning on going anywhere during Fall Break, I wanted to make sure that we did something special and fun each day to make it a good weekend.  One of the things I love most about my kids is their enthusiasm for pretty much anything.  I am not the most creative person, so it is a huge relief to me that simple things really do thrill them.

The first day of Fall Break, Wednesday we did caramel apple slices and had a movie night while we ate them.
 The movie was exciting to them because it was one they hadn't seen before, and it was the movie of a book Emma and I are reading together.  When Emma told her piano teacher that she was reading Charlotte's Web, Miss Heidi let her borrow her copy of Charlotte's Web.  She is nice.  The kids LOVED it and we were all singing 'Chin Up' and 'Zuckerman's Famous Pig' all week.

 On Thursday the kids and I went online and we found some fun Halloween pictures to print, color and hang up around the house.  I know it sounds silly, but they really did love this!
Friday was Ross's day off work, so we went to a fun park in the area and then to dinner so Emma could use one of her free meals.

Saturday we went down to Orem so I could meet up with my favorite Emily, and after that we went to Coney's for burgers and ice cream.  We had every intention of taking them to a pumpkin patch after that, but it got really cold all of the sudden and we forgot to bring a stroller for the baby.  The kids did get a fun preview of the fun that is in store for them when we do go, which we will since we bought the family pass online for half off...  Instead of the pumpkin patch, we decided to take a page from my mom and dad's book.  When I was little, they used to have in-home-date-nights where they would rent a kid's movie from Blockbuster and send us to the basement with our favorite chicken nugget meal and some snackies while they had a candlelit steak dinner in the kitchen. We LOVED these nights and always looked forward to them. 

On our way home from the pumpkin patch, we stopped to get some take-out Thai food, and then we nuked some chicken nuggets and locked the kids in the basement with their dino-shaped nuggets, some popcorn, and some fruit snacks.  Ross and I hid in our room and had our Thai food while watching a favorite show and got in some much needed snuggling and talking time.  It was so simplistically wonderful.

On Sunday, we went to my mom's house for Caulene's birthday party.

Monday was a house cleaning day, but to make it special, I gave the kids some money for every room they helped me clean up.  They were all about that.  When Daddy came home we went to get the girls some much needed new shoes, and while at Target, we let everyone pick out a trick or treat bucket and a Halloween window cling set from the dollar section.  We got some dinner at Chillis since kids ate free that night which meant they all got to choose their own meal and didn't have to share with us.

I know it sounds really silly, but it was such a fun week with my kids and they are so amazing.  I really enjoy being with them and I am so proud and fond of the little people they are becoming.  Of course the break was littered with tantrums, lost shoes, and bickering because as much as I love these munchkins, they are still kids.  For the most part, however, they played really well together, and it was so nice for me to not have to drive all around and have my kids gone.  I miss them when they are away because I am needy and pathetic like that.

I am a fan of Fall Break and I can't wait for Thanksgiving Break!

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