Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Please do not believe any reports that this kitten was introduced to our family just for me. Clearly this is not true. We had a HUGE problem with naming little Scrapper because ROSS was being SUPER picky about the whole thing. Seriously! The conversation went a little something like this.

Me: What should we name the kitten?
Ross: Oh, I don't care- it's your cat.
Me: OK, then I like Dodger from Oliver Twist.
Ross: No, that is a silly name.
Me: OK, how about Toby- he kind of looks like a Toby to me.
Ross: Have you never seen Roots? We can't name a black cat Toby- we may as well name him Kunta Kintae.
Me: OK then, what should we name him?
Ross: I don't care, it's your cat.

We ended up with Scrapper because he was the runt and yet he lived when two of his other litter mates died. He is a little fighter. I liked Rocky, and Ross said if I named him Rocky, he would just call him Scrapper. He won- even though he didn't care. . . :)
He is super cute, and we absolutely LOVE him! He plays well with the girls, is box trained, and likes playing outside which means when he gets bigger, he won't mind being an almost all the time outside cat.

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Anonymous said...

Ross is among my top three favorite husbands-of-friends. I laughed at his "Roots" comment. I don't know that a lot of people would have put that much thought into it. But I think maybe you should have changed his name to Kunta Kintae. Good idea!