Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Major Friend Pride

I have very awesome and talented friends! I really do. Ross and I were talking about the fact that so many of the people I went to high school with have gone on to do some really amazing things. Ross is pretty much the cream of his highschool crop, partly because he is amazing and was raised well by loving parents, but mostly because he has never been incarcerated. . .

Anyway, if you will indulge me, I would like to do some friend bragging. My very good friend Michelle, who has been featured on my little blog a couple of times now, is a fashion photographer, whose images can be seen on the very popular site of a very popular clothing line. Check them out at

Now, if that were not enough, take a look at those gorgeous dresses. My friend Beckie totally designed them! For reals! Very cool!

My friend Maria, who I pretty much worship for her serene presence and sharp intellect, is an actual research scientist in Salt Lake. Yeah- a scientist- like, with the white lab coat and microscope slides and everything. She is brilliant, and I totally know her!

Some other people I went to high school with but didn't actually hang out with have actually gone on to do some really great things. Nicole Hill Gerulat is the author of the popular blog A Little Sussy. She is an amazing photographer and great chef. We had the same math class Freshman year and we would sometimes chat about boys.

Natalie Hill, the creator of (NO) Sex and the city, graduated a year before I went to highschool, but was always popping in for little visits with the drama instructor at my highschool. Having taken a few MDT classes, I became acquainted with her a few times. She is a broadway star. Like, on broadway. She performed at the Tonys last year. Very cool.

I could go on and on. I'll just sum up by saying that various alumni from my highschool that I went to school with and interacted with on a regular basis include 4 Julliard grads, at least 10 professional photographers, 2 published writers (that I know of- there are probably more), 3 broadway stars, 1 member of a world-rated ballet, 2 lawyers of high esteem, a poet, at least (but most likely more than) 4 members of recording orchestras (2 in the motab orchestra), a member of an international ambassador's board, and a handfull of people who will most likely cut record deals in the next few years.

I am humbled and amazed at the amount of talent and ability that I was surrounded by at my high school. I have major friend pride!

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Dawn Jones said...

I, too, am grateful for the group of friends and others that surrounded my girls in school. I feel you and your sisters were blessed. But, youm in your own way have blessed those around you. You also have accomplished much. I am daily in awe.