Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jake's Baptism

My nephew Jake was baptized on June 6th by his father. It was a busy morning as there were 9 kids all being baptized on the same day. I was pretty impressed with how well they organized everything though. We were only there for a couple of hours. My favorite part was when he came out of the water and said "Wow, that was fun!" What a boy! :) I also thought it was cute when Brooke started saying a prayer while he was being confirmed.

Here is the proud family. Future missionary for sure!
Grant and Judy came out from California, and it was a lot of fun to see them.
This is me NOT kissing Ross as requested by a number of people in attendance.
We went to Jake's house afterwards for another AWESOME meal of jerked chicken, rice, mango salsa, mint brownies, and other awesome goodies. Emma and Brookie are getting to be good little friends. I love it! I loved being close friends with my cousin Kandra when we were younger, and still miss her and our friendship often.
Max modeled every pair of shoes in the house for us. I mean EVERY pair too. He does pretty good in heels!
This is Ross being anti-social.
This is me STILL not kissing Ross while he is being anti-social.
Sara really liked the yellow flowers int eh back yard. i kind of like them too. Whoever decided to classify those as weeds will get a swift kick to somewhere painful if I ever meet him!
It was a really fun day, and we feel grateful to be so close to their family. We really love Jim, Melissa and their kids. (and Melissa's cooking. . .)

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I miss the making out pictures.