Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Change of Heart

I woud be remiss if I did not say here that my horrible mood ended approximately 40 minutes after I finished the last post. That is when my sweet husband called to talk to me on his way home from work because he missed me today. :) I still get little flutters in my heart when he says silly things like that!

Also, I read a post written by my friend Brittany (Hatch) Bowen on her blog that made me cry partly because it was beautifully written, and mostly because it was very humbling. It was just a simple list of what she was grateful for at the moment. I hope she doesn't mind, but I am going to do the same here.

  • I am grateful that Ross is doing the dishes to thank me for making his favorite french toast casserole.
  • I am grateful for discovering a blog today with a year's worth of crock pot recipes. (these first two are also thanks to Brittany- she pretty much rocks).
  • I am grateful for finger smudges on the walls.
  • I am grateful for a 3 year old who loves to clean finger smudges off of walls.
  • I am grateful for giggles, laughs and hugs between my girls.
  • I am grateful for before bedtime monster chases.
  • I am grateful for three sets of kissed every morning and night.
  • I am grateful for 2 girls who love their cornflakes more than pop-tarts.
  • I am grateful for a strong man who kills spiders.
  • I am grateful for family prayers.
  • I am grateful for the sweet faithful prayers of a toddler. "Dear Hemnly Father. I love my Mommy and my Daddy and my Sara and my Kitty and my kitchen and my kittybear and my pinkbunny, and my Dana. . . (it was a long list- I could learn from her!).
  • I am grateful for animal sounds from Sara.
  • I am grateful for late-night star gazing.
  • I am grateful for picture books. Lots and lots of picture books.
  • I am grateful for children who love their bath time, but only if Mommy stays with them.
  • I am grateful to be present during Emma's 'a ha' moments.
  • I am grateful that my children miss me when I am gone.
  • I am grateful for tearful and heart felt apologies.
  • I am grateful for friends. Such good friends. I am so blessed.
  • I am grateful for my kitty who has yet to be named.
  • I am grateful that my husband let me have a kitty.
  • I am grateful to find that my husband loves the kitty almost as much as I do.
  • I am grateful for a lack of shedding on the kitty's part.
  • I am grateful for pony tails and ribbons.
  • I am grateful for dress-up time and plastic food.
  • I am grateful for streaking children who find joy in everything.
  • I am grateful for the naughty moments. I really am!
  • I am grateful for cold sheets on a warm night.
  • I am grateful for fragrant flowers and cold lemonade.
  • I am grateful for distant friends who stay in touch.
  • I am grateful to have made a difference in someone's life.
  • I am grateful that I can no longer drink carbonation.
  • I am grateful for my husband's almost too tight jeans tonight (tomorrow is laundry day).
  • I am grateful that my list could go on for days and not even come close to being complete.
  • I am greateful that Ross is forcing me to stop this list so he can show me in his own way how grateful he is for me.

The moral of this post is, I am blessed. So very blessed. Heavenly Father really loves me a lot, and while I have had my ups and downs in life, the ups have always outnumbered the downs, and the downs have only worked to enhance the sweetness of the ups. Funny how that works- smart guy, that God!


Brandon and Brittany said...

You know, I had a week just like yours last week. And, I almost blogged about it, but was too angry and annoyed to find time. And then, the Lord blessed me with kidney stones, and helped me realize life was good, my children were good, and I was stronger than I thought. I could be a little more patient and much more giving, it could be a lot less about me and what I wanted to do, and more about my family and what I could do for them.
He really is a smart guy, that God. He is also very patient, very forgiving, very loving, and endlessly compassionate.
I am grateful I know you Amanda. I am grateful you and I share the same ups and downs that are motherhood and can strengthen each other.
Love- Brittany

Carrie Gross said...

I loved both of your posts. I think sometimes there are things that bother us and then God places so many sweet things in front of us. I'm glad you're in my life and I get to read about your ups and downs because it helps me get through mine.

Anonymous said...

I loved this post Amanda! You are such a good, loving person! I loved your grateful list more than anything in the world.