Thursday, June 18, 2009

FHE Party

Last Monday, while Ross's parents were here, we had a little get together at our house. I say 'little' get together, but really, there were a lot of people crammed into our little house. my uncle Jay and aunt Lara came with their 6 kids, Jim and Melissa came with their 4, we had our two, both sets of parents were here, and 2 of my sisters came as well. It was awesome. I loved it. I think some people were annoyed with the big crowd, but I enjoyed seeing Jay and Lara and playing with their kids. We had ribs and hot dogs for dinner.

We tried to herd the 12 kids upstairs to the TV room- and I guess Dad and Caulene got caught in the rush. That, or maybe they just really like Mulan. . .
Downstairs, we played Balderdash- one of my favorite games EVER. It was harder with so many people, but fun, nonetheless. Jay won handily- and I heartell that it was the first time he had ever won.

I'm not sure what is happening here- but I love it.
Thank you everyone for coming. We will try and keep the festivities to smaller amounts of people next time.
Ross's parents spent the night at our house that night. I was not made aware of this fact until they got to the house. I blame Ross. This didn't bother me except for one thing- we only have two sets of bedding that fit a king sized bed (which is what they pretty much ended up on when we pushed two other mattresses together for them). One is plain jane white- the pair we got with the mattress. The other is leopard print. Take a wild guess as to which pair they ended up with. . . Poor Judy- last time she was here I put sheets with a half-naked fairy (Tinkerbell) on her mattress, and this time she had scandalous leopad print. They were good sports about it- at least they seemed to be . . .
It was nice to spend some time with them. It is hard having them all the way out in California when we just can't afford to get out there as often as we would like. The next morning they left for Syd's funeral. I am glad Emma and Sara got to spend some time with them.


Carrie Gross said...

Wowzers! That was a whole lotta posts at once. I loved reading them and seeing the pictures.

Anonymous said...

You are so social! I am impressed. I would die in two seconds.