Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jake is Eight!

My nephew Jake turned 8 years old a couple of weeks ago, and was nice enough to invite us out to his party. It was a lot of fun with some fantastic food. For reals, my sister-in-law Melissa always puts out a good spread that would be worth a trip even if she and Jim weren't so fun (which they totally are)!

We spent the day eating, chatting, insulting every possible nationality we could think of (we are equal opportunity racists!), and of course indulging in some Costco cake while watching Jake open presents. Thanks for letting us come, Jake- we had a great time! The kids found a snail in the grass, and Ross conducted a little mini-class on snail ettiqute.

Jim grilled up some excellent chicken and burgers to go with the salsa and other lovely treats provided by Melissa.
We even had music via Melissa's i-phone. I think they were playing a radio station from Dallas.
I know this is blurry- but come on- this is funny!
It's a fishing pole.

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Anonymous said...

Please expound on this snail etiquette. Your nephews and nieces are super cute, and P.S. I love that you're racist. Equal opportunity even. That's important.