Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Terrible, Horrbile, No Good, Very Bad Week!

This has been a long week. I am grumpy and have been for a few days now- chronically so. Poor Ross. Why am I in such a bad mood? I have no idea. I really don't!

None of the usual culprits are even close to being at fault. The girls I not any more frustrating than usual, Ross has been home at 5:30 every day, I am getting plenty of sleep, I have already had a date night this week, my house is clean, I have finished 2 lesson plans this week already without any extra time spent on them (I am getting super speedy!), and I have a kitten.

What is wrong with me?! Don't answer that- I may hurt you!

Anyway, since I am already in a bad place emotionally, I figured it was time to fulfill a tag I got almost a year ago. I avoided doing it because I thought it would make me grumpy (check!) and would show the world just how weirdly judgemental I can be. It just so happens that putting out that little secret doesn't bother me so much while I am in this weird funk.

The tag was supposed to be about 10 pet peeves of mine that most people don't know about.

  1. Other people's rude kids. I like kids. I really do. I even spent a lot of time and schooling learning how to teach so that I could spend my entire life with other people's kids. This was rectified within my first month of my first full-time teaching position. Why? Other people's kids are usually really rude! Seriously- I don't know if it is the working mothers, the video games, cartoon network, or Barak Obama, but kids these days are incredibly rude- and they are not found just in schools. I get snarky comments from kids every where I go, and I see rude and unruly children all over the dang place. Whatever happened to please, thank you, excuse me, and all those other pleasantries?! Just the other day I watched a 6 year old boy at the store throw bags of bread at his flustered mother's head until she allowed him to get some candy AND a Star Wars action figure. I can only imagine what my parents would have done to me. . . It surely would NOT have ended with me getting sugar and toys!
  2. People who are glued to their cell phones. I am all about all this new technology! There are so many amazing and convenient ways to get information and stay in touch. It is truly a blessing. However, there is a time and place for those handy gadgets, and the movie theater, Sacrament Meeting, a scheduled appointment, and the TEMPLE, are not anywhere CLOSE to the list of places where receving and sending phone calls and text messages are appropriate.
  3. Hidden insults. If you are unhappy about something that I have done in my life, or wish to make different decisions in your life, then fine! For the most part, I would encourage you to do so. However, if you for some reason feel the need to voice your disapproval of my life choices, then either have the courage to do it to my face, or don't say anything at all. Nothing is more disgusting to me than comments like 'We don't want to be the kind of parents that put two kids in a tiny apartment.', or 'I just couldn't be happy with a wedding reception at a free church.' or even 'I don't blog because I am a good mom.' Those comments can sometimes be acceptable when the other person is not aware that they describe my life. The people I am targeting in this vent are the people who are WELL AWARE that the unappealing things they are discussing are EXACTLY what I have done.
  4. Anonymous Comments. Enough said. If it is that important to say, own up to it yourself, or shut your mouth (hands?).
  5. Chronic cussers. I really hate people with dirty mouths. Huge turn-off, and very offensive! It is even more appalling when people swear around my children. Get a vocabulary already!
  6. Overly personal questions. That is pretty self-explanatory. I know some of you are curious, but just so you know, asking people about their income, their relationship status, their weight, the value of their home, and their sexual orientation are all extremely personal subjects that should just not be breached in civilized conversation with someone you are not close to.
  7. Unwanted advice. If I want your advice, I will ask for it. Nothing is quite as insulting as someone giving you advice on a subject you didn't ask about. I cry when I receive parenting advice and marital advice from people whi feel the need to improve my life without my consent. It is so degrading. Why on earth would someone consider that an appropriate thing to bring up? I have a number of people I go to for counsel and advice on touchy subjects like that. If I have not approached you, then just know you are not yet one of those people.
  8. People who tell me to have more babies. I will when I am ready. Until then, butt out.
  9. People who speed through residential areas. There are kids around here. Slow the heck down!
  10. Facebook invitations. I do not want to join your mom's club, your mafia, your hero team, your vampire cult, your book club, your cyber farm, or any other silly fantasy organization. I do not want to find out which Twilight character, Disney princess, Greek God, animal, nationality, gender role, or Simpson's character best describes me. I do not want to become a fan of any product or celebrity. I do not want to take a quiz with bad grammar and spelling with a limited number of stock results. I just want to keep my friends abreast of what is new in my life, and catch a sneak peek at what is going on in theirs.

There you are. I am a terrible person, aren't I? Please tell me someone else shares at least a few of these same buttons. . . To be honest, I actually feel a tiny bit better. Venting is a beautiful thing!


Ashley Welling said...

I have a lot of those same pet peeves. Especially #8--people telling me to have more babies. Well...I will when I am ready. That was one thing that bugged me up at BYU-Idaho. It seemed like there was this cultural thing up there that the second you got married you should be pregnant. Starting a family is between you, your husband, and the Lord. Those are the only people involved in making that decision.

Heidi Ferguson said...

Man I hate those FB invitations too, seriously. Sometimes I am just utterly perplexed as to why I even get them...don't other people find them as obnoxious as I do?! I also really hate unwanted advice. I have a friend who is a chronic advice-giver...the second I mention something that is irritating me, she comes up with some advice for me. It's just annoying most of the time.