Sunday, June 28, 2009

Father's Day!

Ross had a pretty good Father's Day weekend, if I do say so myself- which I do. We had a lot of fun and did a lot of kissing, some of which was captured in pictures. (that was a warning of make-out pictures to come if you didn't catch on. . .) Here are some of the pictures of Ross's fabulous-almost-as-good-as-the-Mother's-Day-weekend-but-not-quite-because-that-was-the-best-weekend-ever-but-still-pretty-amazing-weekend.

We started out Saturday morning with all-you-can-eat French toast at Kneaders where dad's ate free that day. It was glorious. We all loved it. Seriously- we ALL loved it.
Then we kissed in the car for a bit before heading out to some stores to run some errands.
We went to Savers to get some pants for Emma, Wal-mart to get a shirt for Sara (they are both short on clothes now, and Savers didn't have any good shirts), Distribution Center to get Ross some undies, and while we were over there, we stopped in at the Missionary Mall to get Ross a new washable tie. It took him a while to pick out the one he wanted. We were surprised at the vast selection of washable ties under $10.
I warned you- lots of kissing!
Ross decided he wanted to go to a matinee showing of Angels and Demons. We dropped the kids off at my mom's house and headed over to fill my purse with lots of goodies, including a footlong $5 subway sandwhich. The movie was ok, just like the book was.
After the movie we got some ice cream from Macey's, made out a little bit, and headed back to say goodbye to the girls.
That was my sneaky part of his weekend. I packed the clothes we bought for the girls that day, and worked it out with my mom and Dana to watch the girls over night, and take them to church the next morning. Ross was not aware of this fact until we drove up to my mom's house and I told him we were leaving them. He was very happy about this! We couldn't afford another hotel get-away, but this was fun too. Thanks for doing that for us, Mom and Dana! We love you!
The next morning, I got a sub for Sunbeams, and Ross and I headed out to go to church with my mom. We were a little bit late, but it was fun to be in my old ward again. There are a lot of new faces- but most of my favorites are still around. Emma and Sara even went to nursery together for the last hour.
After church, we went to Grandma Wallace's house where we changed, ate, kissed, and played some games with cousins, aunts and uncles.

Uncle Jay We played Curses, which is the most worthless game ever created in my opinion! Jay had to swat imaginary mosquitos wheneve he talked.
Lara had to give herself bunny ears when she read cards.
Marlene had to dance whenever it was her turn.
I cut the game short because I think Heather was the only one enjoying it. I must be lame.
Grandpa Wallace entertained all the little kids with the tricks that make all the mothers cringe- but it was Father's Day so we tried to hide our worry and pretend to trust that he wouldn't hurt them. I love you, Grandpa!
We then went over to my mom's house where Ross had a Father's Day nap with Emma.
When my dad got home from work, Caulene grilled us up some steaks, and we ate out on the deck. It was a great meal, and a beautiful day.
My mom made Dad a chocolate cake. When she told Emma that she had made a cake for Grandpa, Emma found some candles and put them on the cake with Dana's help. Obviously, if a cake was made for Grandpa, it must be his birthday! We sang Happy Father's Day to him and Ross, and Grandpa lt Emma blow out the candles. It was extremely cute and hilarious, and this simple re-telling does not do the adorableness justice. I love that girl! So much!
After we sang, Emma decided that forks were beneath her, and she used some of the candles to eat the frosting.
Heather and Dana loved the cake.
I think Sara is cute even when she cries.
After the meal was consumed, and our stomaches had settled a little, we headed back home and enjoyed a quiet evening playing with the girls.
It was a great weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed every penny pinching minute of it, and so did Ross. I love that man! He is such an amazing husband and father. The girls adore him, as do I. I am grateful that we have an eternity together to look forward to.

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