Monday, January 21, 2008

This has been burried in my inbox for a few months now. I have seen it popping up on some other blogs- so I have decided to go ahead and be a little sheep since I don't feel well enough yet to tell about my exciting and . . . explosive weekend. Stay tuned for a nice little critque of the quality of food found at the Logan Dairy Queen.

Attached or Single: Attached- and so glad that I am!!
Best Friend: Ross and Carrie. They are the two people in the world who truly know me for who I am and still like me! :) I trust them both implicitly and am grateful every day that I have them in my life. I suppose now I am going to have to get to know Nate better so that he can go on that list as well.
Cake or Pie: Pie!!!!!!!
Day of Choice: Any day when Ross is home for more than a couple hours- usually Sundays now.
Essential Item: Gum and lip gloss. I hate having bad breath, and I hate having dry and chappy lips. I think I have about ten of each so that I always have one in my purse, pocket and car. Ross makes fun of me for it- but I find that he sure does take advantage of that certain compulsion of mine- yes that includes the lip gloss at times.
Favorite Color: In general- red. To wear- green or black.
Gummy Bears or Worms: Oh, this is a tough one. I find them both quite heavenly. I guess I would have to say worms because they last longer.
Hometown: Orem, Utah.
Indulgences: I take a guilty pleasure in comedies of the dirty sort, ie: Scrubs, Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Friends, Austin Powers, etc.
January or July: Usually I would say July- but this last July found me pregnant in 110 degree weather with no air conditioning. January has been much kinder to me. If I have my baby in the next 10 days, then it will definitey rank over July.
Kids: Emma Rose- currently in the middle of her terrible two's (but almost totally potty trained!!!!) Sara Belle- lovely little fetus who needs to get on out here!!
Life is incomplete without: Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream, kittens, and blogs of the entertaining sort. OK- so I guess I should include my family in there too.
Marriage Date: August 24, 2004
Number of Siblings: 3 sisters- Heather, Caulene, and Dana. 4 sisters-in-law- Melissa, Jenny, Stephanie, and Gena. 5 Brothers-in-law- Jim, Rex, Clay, Troy, and Joe.
Oranges or Apples: Apples- golden delicious or gala are my favorite.
Phobias: The dark, Spiders, Cancer, and Divorce
Quote: President Heber J. Grant taught, “That which we persist in doing becomes easy to do, not that the nature of the thing has changed but the power to do has increased.”
Reasons to Smile: Emma being potty trained, fresh baked cookies, roses from my husband, Scrubs, popcorn with an inordinate amount of butter and salt, watching Emma do her pretty dance, having Ross rub my giant swollen pregnant feet, finding out that while my baby gained 2 pounds since the last visit- I have lost one, my family FINALLY has cell-phones, blogging, chatting with old friends, laughing so hard it hurts, steak and potatoes, date night with Ross, not emptying the contents of my bowels into the toilet, knowing that this pregnancy is almost over, kissing Ross, getting compliments on my cute toes right now, snow, heated apartment, hot cocoa, reading with Emma and seeing her point out letters to me that I didn't think she had learned yet, hearing Emma do her rooster sound (so so soooo cute!), the neighbor's cat who loves me more, lovespell lotion, really good music, singing, dancing, singing and dancing to really good music, borrowing Ross's shirts when none of the 4 of mine that still fit me are clean, having Ross tell me how cute I am in his shirts, pizza, memories, writing- even if I am no good at it, reading, finding little ways to surprise Ross, watching Carrie and Nate fall even more in love, playing games, winning games, losing games, having Christmas all put away, getting all the teeny-tiny clothes ready for Sara, feeling the Spirit, flowers, swimming, straightening my hair, knowing Ross still thinks I am beautiful even if I am a giant pregnant beast, walking through the mall with Ross, smoothies, french fries, watching my wonderful husband with my beautiful daughter- I had no idea I could love anybody this way- they are everything to me!
Season: Spring- I love the flowers!
Tag others: Anyone wo hasn't posted in a while and needs a good idea.
Unknown fact about me: I can touch my nose with my tongue.
Vegitarian or Meat eater: Vegetarian. . . That means someone who would like to eat steak and potatoes for every meal for the rest of their life right!
Worst Habit: Procrastinating- I am really good at it though. Seriously, I think the best papers I ever wrote in college were produced when I watied until the last minute to start them.
X-rays: A few.
Your Favorite Food: Steak and Pizza- but not steak on pizza.
Zodiac: Leo!!!!

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