Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Love of a Kitty

My kitty proved his love to me once again on Sunday. I found out about President Hinckley's death around 8:30 when my mom called me. She knew that we rarely watch much TV on Sunday, so decided to make sure I got the news. I was really sad. Yes, I am happy that he is with his wife once more, and I know that the Church and its work will move forward- that didn't keep me from feeling an immense sense of loss for this amazing man. Ross was hugging me as I cried when we heard a familiar jingle at the door (mischief has a bell on his collar). I laughed when I heard it, and then he started meowing and scratching at the door. Ross went and cracked opened the door, and my kitty ran in and jumped up on me while I was sitting on the couch. He sensed that I needed some extra snuggles from a warm and furry feline- he was right! Just a reminder to those of you who may be wondering why this event was so amazing to me- mischief is not really our cat. He belongs to some of our neighbors who mistakenly call him Jerry. For some reason, he LOVES us. Ever since they brought him home as a kitten, he has preferred to play with us and likes to sit at our doorstep or sleep on our cars so that he wont miss any chance of getting some pets and loves from us. This has really been nice for me since Ross and I already decided to not acquire any pets until we had a backyard to keep them in. Since that looks like it could be farther in the future than we would like- it is nice to have been adopted by such a sweet kitty like Mischief.

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