Monday, January 14, 2008

Contractions- the New Abs of Steel Workout!!

I need some help! I have been having some pretty intense contractions every 20-40 minutes for the last 28 hours. They are not getting closer together or stronger- they are just annoyingly there. We went to the hospital last night to find out if I was in some kind of weak labor. They put me on some monitors and sure enough- I am having some really strong contractions with 25 minutes on average between them. However, since my dilation did not increase at all while I was there, they were unable to pronouce me in active labor and sent me home. If they had, then I would have gotten my C-Section, and this post would have had a much happier ring to it. Instead, I am writing feeling as though I have spent the last day doing constant sit-ups, which, in essence, I have. Maybe that will help with losing weight after- who knows. Anyway, my plea for help is to know if anybody has any sure-fire ways of pushing these dumb things into active labor, or making them stop all together. Either way is fine- but I am awfully tired and would really like this perpetual ab-workout to end for a little bit! The doctor last night said that since Sara looks great on the monitors, he was not going to give me any prescriptions or anything. He is just assuming that it will naturally go one way or the other on its own. I say that is way too easy for a man not experiencing it to say. If he wont give me a prescription, then I need some natural ways of eradicating this problem.


Jessica Bills said...

I have no idea how to help...but I hope that it goes one way or the other for you soon! I am dreading learning what contractions feel like, but I hope that it happens sometime soon :)

Heather said...

No fixes, but I hear monkey bread has medicinal properties. Good luck. Can't wait to meet the newest Goodman.

Brian, Sophia & Cameron said...

Yay! Your body is working the way it is supposed to. Okay, so obviously my views of labor are different then yours. I am all for letting the body do what it feels is best for you, because generally it knows better. But I do know of some natural non-drug ways that will often start labor, but they require a phone call as some of a sensitive nature. Have you called Becca, if you have started non-active labor I bet she would be willing to push some trigger points.