Friday, March 08, 2013

The Rainbow Party

 I did it. I finally gave in and let the girls have a birthday party with their friends. There was no way I was going to do two parties in one month, so they had a combined party, which worked out well since most of their friends have sisters the same ages as our girls. They wanted a rainbow themed party.
When the friends first came, they all colored some rainbow pictures and decorated some treat bags while they waited for everyone to arrive. Do you like their hair?

 Those balloons on the door were my version of a piñata since I was too scared to let 20 little girls smack me with a stick. There were fun prizes in each of them, and they got to pick one to pop. They loved it, which is good since I got a big gash on both of my middle fingers while loading and blowing them all up.

Miss Lizzie begged to take a balloon home to her brother and little sister who she said were both very sad to not get to come. 
 After coloring, we played freeze dance. Basically I just played music and had them dance like the crazy hooligans they are, and then they had to freeze in place when I paused it. I thought this would be a short little thing, but they wanted to play it for almost 40 minutes.

 They had rainbow cake with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles. They each had to have their own candles, so that is why there are 12 on the cake.

After cake, we looked at all of their 'gifts'. That is in quotations because we decided that instead of presents for the girls, we wanted everyone to bring a blanket or a book to donate to the Primary Children's Hospital. I didn't get any pictures, but we got a nice stack of wonderful donations to take over, and when I explained why we wanted to do this, most of the girls got big smiles on their faces.

 The next thing on the list was to paint nails. This was by Emma's request.
 Everyone got bubbles in their treat bag, so we ended the party by playing with those and having another rousing game of Freeze Dance-- Bubble Style. Little girls are so fun!

I am not really the crafty kind of mom who enjoys this kind of thing, but it was fun to see my girls so happy and to talk to their friends. We are so lucky to be where we are. I love how many wonderful families we get to have in our lives. The kids are already planning their party for next year. We'll see if I am up to this again...

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