Thursday, March 28, 2013

Inversion = Sickness

This little guy got really sick and was down for a couple of weeks. It was really strange to see him so lethargic. The kid is the definition of perpetual motion. Emma got sick too and actually had to stay home from school for an entire week. Sara got a minor cold but got through the season mostly unscathed. Ross got a nasty head cold, but had to work through it, poor guy. He was miserable for a few days. I got strep throat which cleared right up as soon as I realized what it was and got the meds I needed, and I also ended up in the ER one day with some pretty intense stomach pains. Some good meds helped with that too. They aren't sure if it was a bacterial infection or a parasite of some sort, so they gave me a prescription for both. I felt better in about a week. Mr. Luke has been teething constantly for a couple of months, so he has had fevers and drooling, and now he has a gross runny nose, but other than that he is his wonderful happy self. Right now Ross and I are both feeling a cold coming on, but have been fighting it like crazy with EmergenC. It has been weird because we generally don't all get sick for so long. I have scrubbed the house from top to bottom with bleach more than once, and we still keep getting hit.That inversion really messed with our immune systems. We are welcoming the warmer weather with open windows.

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