Friday, March 08, 2013

Super Bowl Weekend

 Our Super Bowl weekend this year was a lot of fun. It started on Friday night at my friend Debbie's house for a corn bread cookoff. Yes, you read that right. There was a discussion on facebook about who had the best cornbread recipe, and we decided we needed to hold a cook off to find out once and for all which one was the best. I came as a judge and brought a pot of my award winning chili, and we had a lovely evening. Debbie's recipe was by far the best.

The next morning we got up and headed over to Saratoga to attend Dallin's baptism. It was so fun to see him so excited and to let the kids play with the Mattson cousins before they moved back to sunny California the next day.

After the baptism, we headed to another church for a luncheon. Gena made some delicious taco salad, and we had ice cream sundaes as well.

 This worked out perfectly since we found out that the first Saturday in February is International Ice Cream For Breakfast Day. We didn't have time to celebrate before we left. Thank goodness Gena had us all taken care of!

After this Gena needed help packing up to move, but Ross had forgotten a change of clothes, and I had to stop by Walmart before heading home, so he just found some clothes on sale there to wear while getting his move on. When we had done all we could, we said goodbye to the Mattsons with heavy hearts. It is sad not having them so close anymore. Ross's parents came home with us that night and stayed in the newly painted and partially complete nursery- will be office when Luke starts sharing a room with Jack.

We picked up a pizza on the way home as I was tired and not wanting to throw something together so late in the day and Emma had a whole movie night planned for us in the basement. She got everyone a blanket and a designated place to sit, and had decided we were going to watch Joseph, King of Dreams.

The next day we got up and headed to church where I tried not to sweat through my clothes as I delivered Gospel Doctrine lesson not only to my ward members, but my in-laws. I know it sounds silly, but I was seriously nervous and intimidated.

After church and choir, we loaded up and headed to Melissa's house for the Super Bowl. The 49ers tried hard and got so close, but didn't quite make it. It would have been quite the sports year for the Goodmans if the Giants and the 40ers had come away with big wins. Oh well.

 Ross picked out Luke's outfit. They had to have footballs on them.

 So happy and content with Grandma.
We said goodbye to Ross's parents after this and headed home to recover from the busy and exciting weekend. We can't wait to get out to California in June to see them again.

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