Thursday, March 07, 2013

My Little Sister's Wedding

 My little sister got married and chose to move up her special day by four months with only a few week's notice, so that left a lot of us scrambling to try and throw things together to make it lovely for her. I hope she was happy and felt loved.

We woke up and headed down to the church where it was to be held at so I could help set it all up while Ross went and entertained the kids somewhere. It was a lot of work. There were a lot of chairs to move out of the room, and I ended up with sore and bruised biceps for about a week after that. Just before the ceremony, we transformed one of the little classrooms into a dressing room so I could get myself and the girls all prettied up. After the ceremony, we worked on the luncheon which seemed to go over well. I didn't end up getting anything to eat, however, so in between the luncheon and the reception, we headed over to my grandma's house to rest and play with Allen and Carrie. Grandma made sure I got fed because that is her specialty. :)

The reception was lovely and well attended. We left a little bit early so I didn't get to see them drive off in their car that was bedecked with contraceptives, but I tried to be there for her for everything else. I hope she knows how much I love her and how much I am truly praying and hoping for her happiness.

Here are lots of pictures of the day.
 My girls held up her pretty dress as she walked down the aisle, so they got new pretty dresses and were pretty stoked about that.

 Jack liked that we spent most of the day in a gym, but didn't understand why he had to sit so still for so long.

Luke was a trooper through the whole day which is really no surprise at all.

 Tickle Monster!
 There were electric tea lights on the tables, and Jack figured out how to pretend to blow them out as he flipped the switch. He thought he was so funny.

 Of course, there was dancing. I think it was totally acceptable that her first dance as a married woman was with my girls. They sure love this aunt!

 Grandma had to try and keep the kids (mostly Jack) from touching the cake.
 He REALLY wanted some...

 I looked everywhere for matching purple dresses for the girls, but I couldn't find anything. Instead I got them these white dresses and stayed up the night before taking off the silly applique that was on them before, and putting on this purple ribbon to match Caulene's colors. I think they turned out really cute.

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