Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Emma's Haircut

 It is no secret that I have been trying to get Emma to cut her hair for some time now. While her long hair was beautiful, it has been a pain to take care of. It was super curly and it was like pulling teeth to get Emma to let me wash and brush it every day.

One day Emma saw a commercial on TV that said Great Clips was offering free Disney on Ice tickets to any girl who donated hair to Locks of Love. She turned and asked us what that meant, and we explained to her that sometimes when people get sick with cancer, they lose their hair and that Locks of Love is a way for people to make wigs for those sick people. She said she wanted to do that, so after school the next day, I took her in. When we got there, we found out that the deal for the Disney on Ice tickets was only for the previous Saturday and was now over.

I had assumed that Emma's desire to do this was because of the tickets, so I turned to leave. Emma stopped me and said, "Wait, are they still going to give my hair to someone who is sick?" I told her they would, and she said, "Then where are we going?" I had underestimated her. She would have enjoyed the ice show, but I absolutely love that her main motivation in doing this was to help someone with cancer.

I think she looks adorable, and she loves that she can do her hair on her own now since it is shorter and much less curly than it was.
I am so proud of this wonderful girl who is so beautiful inside and out.

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