Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sara's Birthday

 The picture above is Sara showing off her lovely outfit from Caulene, a headband from Grandma, socks from Jack and shoes from Daddy.

Sara's birthday was fun for her because she got to spread it out over a few days. She had two different celebration days at her pre-schools, and on her special night she got to pick what to have for dinner, so we had spaghetti and Ross got a yummy Costco cake for dessert. All she asked for was clothes. I'm not kidding. That is all she wanted, and that is mostly what she got. Dresses, outfits, shoes, headbands, socks, dress ups, tights, and slippers. This little girl is very fashion forward, and I mostly love it. Some may call it vain-- I call it creativity and independence, both of which I think are pretty important for young girls to have.

Emma picked out a Minnie Mouse costume for her. She loved it.

 The kids played hide and seek with Heather which mostly consisted of her sitting on the couch and telling them to hide better because she could still see them.

 This is Emma begging Heather to not leave.

 Grandma got Sara some books, so Heather did a dramatic reading of them and discovered that she can no longer skip pages and make up her own dialogue now that Emma can read and Sara is starting to read.

 Dana and Heather made her a pretty quilt.
She had a really fun night. She played hard all day long, and dropped off to sleep early enough that night that I was still able to go to Book Club and bring some of our extra Costco cake to share. It was a lovely day for a lovely girl.

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