Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Emma's Birthday

 Emma got her first present bright and early on her birthday. I had won a fun Tinkerbelle bag full of little nail polish bottles and a fun manicure set at Bunko the night before and I knew just what to do with it.
She got to pick her favorite breakfast (poptarts) and got money for school lunch that day-- all pretty big luxuries around here. Later that day I came to her class with cupcakes that she got to pass out which was a lot of fun for her. I sure wish that class didn't have 34 kids, though because those store bought treats get spendy!

When she got home from school we waited for Daddy to get home and then she got to pick what she wanted for dinner. She had been insistent for weeks that she wanted to go to Red Lobster. This was not my favorite idea since it is so far from our house and super expensive, and I am not even sure she actually likes seafood all that much. That being said, I didn't want to go back on my word of her being able to have whatever she wanted so we headed out.

On the way I asked her why she really wanted to go there and she finally admitted that she liked seeing the tank of lobsters. This, I could work with. Ross and I had been talking about going to the aquarium for a while, so we worked out a deal that we would go somewhere else that night and would go to the aquarium on Saturday which would mean she could see lobsters AS WELL as otters and penguins and lots of other fun creatures. She happily agreed, and we used some coupons at Olive Garden instead and my meal came with a free dessert, so I got her a chocolate cake. She loved it!

After dinner, we headed over to Target to fulfill another birthday promise. She has asked for new shoes, but she wanted to be able to pick them out herself. We ended up getting two fun pairs because she needed them, and we got a great deal on them. She was thrilled!

When we got home, she got ready for bed and then opened a few presents from us.
 Flowers to make clips with from Sara as well as some cute shirts.
 A bike basket.
 Daddy got her a big box of crayons and a giant coloring book. She loved it!
 A princess cup and slippers. She asked for these every day that month.
 Sidewalk chalk from Jack.
 Jack the photo-bomber.
 On Sunday we had my family over for cake and more gifts. There was supposed to be breakfast food as per Emma's request, but I was too sick to comply. I was also too sick to take any pictures, so hopefully I can scrounge up a few from family members. She got some lovely books, clothes, blankets and toys and loved all of them.

Both of her nights were pretty low-key, but she loved every minute of them. She is such a grateful little soul and I am so glad that she is so easy to please. I love this little young lady so very much!

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