Tuesday, May 31, 2011

California Trip Day 1

We went out to California to visit Ross's parents for the Memorial Day weekend. I took a lot of pictures, and we were there for 5 days, so this blog is about to be taken over for our travel log. :)

We left here Wednesday night after Ross got home from work, and we drove through the night in hopes that the kids would sleep through most of it. It worked. My kids are rockstars. We stopped to sleep for a bit in a parking lot in Reno partly because we were tired, but mostly because we had made better time than we had anticipated and knew that if we didn't stop, we would end up in Yuba City far too early to check into our hotel or play at Grandma's house. Even with the 3 hour detour and a nice long breakfast at Denny's, we still ended up there at 9:00. I forgot about gaining an hour at the timezone change...

Fortunately, the hotel we booked was relatively unbusy and they allowed us to check in 5 hours early at no additional cost. This allowed us all to shower and nap and feel a little more human before heading out to the Goodman Ranch.

We ended up at the ranch just after lunchtime and Grandma had all kinds of good things planned for us.

Ladder Ball Bean Bag Toss

Playing fetch with the baby-- OK so maybe that was Emma's adaptation and not Grandma's. Drag Racing

Jack loved this walking toy. It could change into a little push bike as well. I want one. :)

After a while, Clay and Stephanie's kids came over to help prepare for the barbecue and to visit. The cousin in the yellow shirt was such a fun helper with Jack. They got to be good little friends while we were out there.

The girls fought over this tractor a lot. Ususally they traded between this and the car.

Emma and Macie.

The kids had a picnic in the back yard. The weather was perfect and the mosquitoes were nicely absent.

Everyone loves the baby. He was well adored on this trip.
She looks like a natural farm girl at heart. My boys.

The night ended well with ice cream cones and hugs all around.

We returned to the hotel to take a dip in the hot tub and snuggle up in our beds that were made extra comfortable after a full night of travelling and a full day of playing.

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mostlyprobably said...

I still think it's pretty dang sweet that Ross is from California. And he lived on a RANCH. Glad the girls got to hang out with the California family. :)