Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Annual Wallace Orchard Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Saturday was mostly spent at Grandma Wallace's house where we held the annual egg hunt. It was a little more low-key this year since 6 (read HALF) of the regular participants are in one of the stupid Dakotas. Boo :( We miss you Jay and Lara!

Anyway.... here are some pictures of the inevitable cuteness.

Emma drew a portrait of Caulene. Can you see the resemblance? Heading out the door. That girl was soooo excited for this!

That girl, like in everything else, was a little more relaxed about it all, but not any less pleased with the day's activities.
It's funny to see their different personalities emerging.

Emma got bored with the easy part on the lawn for the little kids so she ran to check out the Orchard hunt.

Jack got in on the action too. He will be a rock star at this next year!

Heather is always ready to help a niece in need- - - for a minimal fee of course- - - (note the egg shaped bulge in her pocket. . .) He got one open!

Yay for jelly beans!
Sorting the loot.

Oh my. I love this boy!

So much, I love this boy!

Great Grandpa Wallace was great at spinning the eggs like tops. Jack LOVED that trick.

This isn't even that great of a shot with the strange light spot and the busy back ground and the off-center composition, but it makes me a bit teary to look at. I don't know why. Obviously it has something to do with the deep love I have for the two people featured here.

My Grandma and my baby sharing a moment. Beautiful.

I love my family and I love our traditions.

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