Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Busy Saturday

This Saturday was crazy busy, but crazy good. We accomplished so much and were able to have fun doing it all together. Here is a little rundown of how our busy Saturday went:

8:00 am- Got dressed and fed and loaded up in the car.

8:30 am- Headed to the stake garden to get everything planted and sorted. Jack ate lots of dirt and loved every minute of his dirty boyishness. Emma and Sara helped plant the carrots, pumpkins, and corn and were excellent dirt tillers with their little spades.

10:30 am- Ran home to get washed up and dressed.

11:00 am- We all went to Emma's Pre-school graduation. It was adorable. When blogger chooses to stop hating me, I will post some pictures and a sweet little video.

12:00 pm- Ate lunch and cleaned the house.

1:00 pm- Walked Emma to a fairy princess birthday party for a girl in her primary class. She had a blast.

1:15 pm- Put Jack down for a nap, Played Barbies with Sara, Got some work done, and Set up a computer system in the basement for games (that last part was all Ross).

2:30 pm- Walked to pick up Emma from her party.

2:40 pm- Walked back to the birthday girl's house to retrieve the fairy wings Emma had left there.

2:50 pm- Cleaned the house (me), and Played in the basement (everyone else).

4:30 pm- I went to a glitter toes party at a friend's house. It was fun and my toes are pink and sparkly and are supposed to stay that way for about 8 weeks.

5:30 pm- Loaded up the car and headed to the store for some floaties for Emma, some kielbasas for Ross and me, and some hotdogs for the girls.

6:00 pm- Arrived at Carrie and Nate's BBQ/Swim party. We (and by we, I mean Ross) got our meal fixed and then we chatted and swam and had a grand ole time.

8:45 pm- Headed home and blasted the heater not only to keep us warm, but to get Sara to fall asleep. It worked. We also listened to the audio book Ink Heart and I had dreams about it later that night.

9:20 pm- Came home and tucked little sleepers into their bed. Emma and I watched a scripture movie and sang some songs before she finally drifted off.

9:50 pm- Ross and I put in The A-Team to watch together without the kiddos. We hadn't had an alone moment for most of the day.

10:20 pm- We turned off the movie because we were too tired to enjoy it, and it is one of our favorites. We read scriptures, brushed our teeth, and then talked about our kids and our goals for the near future until Ross started snoring to let me know he was too tired to talk anymore.

It was a lovely and fulfilling day full of service, friends, productivity, celebrations, and love.

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mostlyprobably said...

I seriously felt a little bit ill reading your post. At the end of the day, I like days that were super busy, but hearing about them, or living them always makes me feel a little anxious.