Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cute Things My Kids Say

While Jack doesn't quite speak yet, he still has some comical moments like doing his baby grunts at his girlfriend at church and using certain sounds to immitate things like dogs barking, the cat, and the dishwasher. Also, he can now say 'Banana' like a champ, and it makes me smile right down to my core every time I hear it.

I am pretty sure he said 'Love you' today in the Mother's Lounge. So cute.

Other cute talents of The Boy are:
Walking on his knees- funny kid! My girls never did that.
Crawling on the treadmill and then riding it back to the beginning.
Chasing the cat.
Giving horribly gooey kisses
Eating anything we give him- especially bananas
Pulling his sister's hair (another reason I tried to talk Emma into cutting it)
Drinking juice from sippy cups- my fastest kid to master that
Waking up 3 times throughout the night to eat. I'm not loving that
Climbing up the stairs
Climbing down the stairs

Walking- when he feels like it. He does good for about 5-8 steps and then figures that crawling is faster
Grunting- like Tim the Tool Man grunting- My dad would be proud!
Coloring- another thing he is doing earlier than my girls did
While my visiting teachers were at my house last week, Sara did something rude to Emma and I was asking her apologize. Sara was not in the mood to obey and was firing off every excuse in the book to not have to say the dreaded 'Sorry' to her wronged sibling. The excuses in her arsenal of obstinancy included, but were not limited to:
I can't.
I forgot.
My tummy hurts.
I'm too little.
I am hungry.
It is too cold in here.
I am too tired.
I don't have my shoes on.
She isn't even sad anymore.
It is too hard.
I don't think it is saying sorry time.
Your friends are here- talk to them.
It's not my turn.
I have a headache.
**Somehow in the end I got her to eke out a half hearted apology**

Sara likes to wear her pink flower dress, and would wear it every single day if I would let her. One day when she came downstairs wearing it for the second day in a row (and after having worn it for PJs that night) I told her that we needed to wash the dress and she needed a bath.

Sara: Can I wear the dress while I take a bath so we are both clean and I can still wear it?

Mom: Emma, do you want me to cut your hair? It would look so cute and then it won't be hard to brush anymore.

Emma: (while tenderly stroking her long tresses) Mom! A gift like this has to be protected! (if you don't understand this reference, then please go watch Tangled immediately.)

I found Emma spitting out some of her salad one night and got upset at her for wasting food.

Mom: Please don't do that- you are wasting food and it is good for you.

Emma: I'm not wasting it! I put it in my mouth first so it will still make me healthy.

We went to a swim party yesterday and we got Emma some new floatie rings for her arms. She did awesome with them and pretended they were different things all night like:
Spider bites
Puffy dress sleeves
Milk Jugs

These munchkins are a handful and a half on their good days, but I just love them to pieces and being their mom is so much fun!


Heidi said...

I love the food in the mouth comment! So ingenious!!!

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Your kids are all so stinking clever.