Monday, May 02, 2011

Emma's First Piano Recital

The day before Easter was super busy for us because before all the easter egg craziness went down, Emma had her very first piano recital. She pretty much rocked it as you can see. I am so proud of her! Her teacher is one of my good friends out here, and Emma just adores her. Thanks for giving her such a fun and positive experience Miss Heidi!

*At the end of this you can hear people kind of giggling about her sweet little curtsy. When Emma sat down she was all frustrated because she thought people we laughing at her because they didn't think she did well. She had a big scowl and tightly folded arms like angry children get, and she was almost in tears as she said, "They are all laughing at me. I tried to do good." I assured her that they were laughing because she was so cute and she did so well and they liked her. That seemed to cheer her up a bit.*

Thanks for looking at my camera, Haleigh! :)

These are the special glasses Emma had to wear after her eye appointment last week. She needed them because they dilated her eyes, but she took to wearing them every time she went outside until someone discarded them. . .

We have been noticing her left eye wandering, so I wanted to get that checked out. It turns out both her eyes wander quite a bit, so we were referred to a child specialist in Salt Lake and have an appointment for next week. I get a little nervous about eye stuff because blind eyes run in Ross's family, but the doctor said her vision is perfect. That was a relief to me. We will let you know what happens at her next appointment.


Heidi said...

I love teaching her! She's such a little cutie pie! Always so willing to try things and says the wittiest things! I love her to pieces! She did an amazing job and I'm so thrilled to be her teacher!

mostlyprobably said...

I am so excited for my kiddos to be in piano lessons, but Steve says I have to teach them. Not looking forward to that part.