Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sara's Second Third Birthday Party

Last Sunday, my family came out to our house to have a second party for Sara. We had spaghetti and sauces and meatballs and green and white trees- all per Sara's specific request. It was nice. I didn't take my camera out because I was sick and lazy. Thank goodness for Heather and her amazing photographic skills! Here are the gems she e-mailed me. There are a lot. I even thinned them out a bit. I love them. Thanks, Heather!

These are my sisters. I love them. Lots and lots!
Emma likes them too. I can't imagine why, though.
Dana is the only one of us who is able to tickle my dad.
That's my mom. I love her. Lots and lots.
Do you like Sara's tights? She changed them 4 times before my family came. She wanted to look just right.
I just really like this picture. I'm not even sure what was happening here.
Caulene made this cake for Sara. It is Raspberry mousse with chocolate cake and custome gelatin. So yummy. So pretty.
Emma loves getting back tickles. Just like her daddy. I am pretty sure that is a big part of the reason he married me.
I get all kinds of high school flash backs when I wear my hair curly.
Gosh, she's pretty.
Her little lungs couldn't quite get them all out alone. If you have ever heard her throw a fit, you might not believe that former sentence. . .
She is showing off her necklace and bracelet set from Grandma Goodman.
Emma was a great help with the presents. She really wanted it to be her birthday. She has waited so long, and still has almost a week to go.
Books from Grandma. Cute ones!
A dress from the aunts. It has already been well used. I love my dad's expression in the back. I love him. Lots and lots.
A Belle barbie from. . . Caulene?
Sara started just letting Emma open all the gifts while she played with her new toys. Smart girl.
We got her a scooter. She wasn't nearly as excited about it as I had hoped. She will love it once it warms up enough for us to get her up and on it outside.
The booklet that came with the My Little Pony that Emma got her.
Mischief. He's worthless as a mouser, but so cute and cuddly that we can't bear to get rid of him.
This is not my favorite part of being a mom. . . packaging should be easier to manage!
I love this shot. We are framing it. Not kidding.

My dad got her a fishing pole. It has a rubber fish on the end, so we used it as a cat toy. Oh, my favorite reaction was when Sara opened Heather's present. It was a fairy doll that looked like a mini-Barbie on a pink sparkly pony. She opened it and said, "It a ba. . . It's a po. . . It's so PRETTY!" Classic!
He got it. Good job non-hunter.
These are my parents. I love them. Lots and lots. Have I already mentioned that?

It was good times. I am glad they came out, and glad that Heather got pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Even with Jack and Ross and your dad, your family is so female-saturated! I love it. It makes me miss my sisters. And I also love the picture of your parents snuggling. It is so sweet!