Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Bunny, The Bunny- Yeah, She Saw a Bunny

Emma has this funny habit of looking out the window and telling us all the amazing (read: imaginary) things that she is seeing.

"Mom, there is a flying horse and he is eating clouds!"
"Look- a dragon is over there hanging upside down like a bat. Can you see it? Probably not because only kids named Emma can see him. He's nice."
"Sara- there are forty hundred cats singing songs in the back yard!"

So- with that in mind, try not to jude us too hard when we didn't believe Emma when she told us there was a little black bunny hopping around in the back yard. I thought this story was a little more tame than her other concoctions, but it didn't seem likely that a little black bunny would be hopping through the back yard.

A couple of minutes later, Ross exclaimed, "Hey- there really is a bunny out there!" And there was. Emma was right.

It makes me wonder if any of her other little stories have had any truth to them. . .


Carrie said...

haha...well an active imagination is a sign of high intelligence. ;)

Austin said...

Much tamer and with a happier ending than the story this reminds me of.

"The little Girl who Cried Bunny."

mostlyprobably said...

Wait, and you didn't catch him? Seriously?