Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Quick Apology Followed by Sara Bear's First Third Birthday Party

Oh my, I am behind. Sara had a birthday, and I feel neglectful for not having posted pictures and personal facts and all the other things I usually blog around birthdays. I will spare you my laundry list of excuses (getting sick, lots of work, internet problems, etc. . .) and just jump right into getting caught up while the kids enjoy some Veggie Tales on Netflix.

Sara was a lucky little girl this year and got TWO birthday parties! She also got to have some special guests at her party. Grandma and Grandpa Goodman were in Utah for a baptism, and if that wasn't exciting enough (which it totally was!), they brough Aunt Gena and her little girl Macie with her! Sara LOVED that.

After Sam's baptism festivities, the Goodman gang headed out to our house to have cake and ice cream for Sara's birthday.

I opted out of making her a cake because I was sick. Really sick. Grossly sick. Feverishly sick. She loved it, and so did I (the cake, not being sick. I hated that). It was super big and I am still eating pieces of it for breakfast.
Aunt Gena and Aunt Melissa got her a fun little tinkerbell toy set. She LOVES it. The last week she has been getting dressed in her Tinkerbell dress with her Tinkerbell dog from Build-a-Bear, and plays with her Tinkerbell toys. Good choice, Aunts.
Emma likes it too. The funny thing is- we don't own any of the Tinkerbell movies, so I am not sure where this love for all the Tinkerbell fairy stuff came from. . .

Grandma Goodman got her some fun outfits (that she promptly went upstairs and changed into) a book, a necklace and bracelet set, and a little Minnie Mouse doll, that Sara calls Pink Mickey.

It was so fun to see Gena and Macie. We never get to see them.
There is Sara with Pink Mickey, her necklace, and her new PJs from Grandma. The shirt is super soft, and she gets mad when I have to wash it and she can't wear it. Thanks everyone for making my little girl so happy! It was a fun evening, but it was sad to say good bye to all the California Goodmans. We will get to see them when we head out there for Memorial Day, so we are looking forward to that!

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Generic white birthday cake? My favorite ever!