Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dana's 15th Birthday Party Pictures: Part Two

One of Dana's presents was this full-length mirror. The girls loved it and want one for themselves now.
I can't blame their vanity-- they are gorgeous!
We had no-bake cheesecake with strawberry topping.
This is one of 30 pictures of Caulene eating her cheesecake. I guess Heather wanted to make a movie of that historic event.
I like to leave surprises like this on borrowed cameras.
With all the estrogen floating around the house, it is no big surprise that numerous slap fights occurred.
We are always perfectly lady-like. Our dad taught us how to behave. He's English, so he knows. Or something like that. ..
Kassidy avoids confrontation by zenning out. Clearly she is not pure Jones. :)
They played hide and seek. They are really good.
I am not sure what is happening here- but these girls always make me laugh when they are together. Also- I love Emma in the background.
I love that this February has had some warm moments in it. The kids enjoyed some of these on the tireswing Dana and Kassidy made in my parents' back yard.
Grandma and Grandpa Jones got the girls sunglasses and princess waterbottles for Valentine's Day which was the next day.
We played Bohnanze while Ross napped, the old ones watched a movie, and the girls played their own version of Wiazardology.
I even lost as an extra present for Dana. . .
OK- that should wrap up the last of the neverending picture posts for a little bit. I think. Maybe.

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Anonymous said...

When I was little, my sister had a full length mirror and me and my little sister would always sneak into her room while she was at school and steal it. We were pretty vain, too.